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Abaco Academy - Talent Generator - Work Placement - Mobile

Our candidates are able to create value for the business quickly. We are IT specialists. Our expertise in this area allows us to offer a unique outplacement service with IT professionals aligned to the needs of all employers.


Once we collaborate with the best IT professionals we can respond to any kind of projects that the client presents to us, be they local or global.


We have an unparalleled relationship with the best IT professionals, this allows us to help companies quickly fill the vacancies they present to us.


We have established partnerships with several leading software companies and professionals in the field, which allows us to offer unique training solutions.

ACADEMy generator

As new technologies, new processes and new business ideas emerge, corporate reality has to adapt and continually improve. Employees need ongoing training and identification with the company culture.

This can be achieved by creating your own Internal Academy.


We help in the process of choosing, implementing and managing learning tools that fit your business needs. We help you develop your organization’s expertise to deliver the added value you expect.


We offer guidance and support in transforming your organization’s Learning and Development Strategy. We help your company develop its own expertise!


We create digital content from scratch or we adapt and digitize existing content. We help define the best way to deliver content in the most relevant and attractive format for your organization.

SAP Discovery Sessions

SAP EWM Discovery

SAP S4HANA Logistics Discovery

SAP Sessions

We facilitate the development of competencies in SAP Solutions through our programs for the training of Key users, end users and support teams. We facilitate the development of technical and functional competencies in SAP, in collaboration with the SAP Education department, to propose the best training solutions.

With a knowledge accumulated in more than 400 SAP implementation projects, we have prepared a set of Business and Technical Sessions. These Sessions convey a set of core skills to our clients’ internal teams.

SAP Business Sessions

SAP Financials

SAP Logistics


SAP Technical Sessions

ABAP for Hana

Business Intelligence


SAP Process Integration


Official Certification SAP Learning Hub

With the Official SAP Certification course, you will develop or maintain your skills in SAP. The elearning training solution allows easy access to the latest SAP educational content and to the entire trainee community. You will have e-learning courses, live sessions with SAP experts and collaborative learning rooms with the SAP community.

you can perform two official SAP certification exams!

Share your Vacancies

Share with us the IT talent profile you are looking for. With extensive experience in the field of IT, we have the ability to select, train and put the person who best meets your needs!

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