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The welcome session aims to welcome and frame the participants with the different phases of the training program.

Best Practices, Guided Configuration, Implementation Methodology – all about implementing a SAP project.

a. SAP Overview

  • Key concepts and terminology of the SAP system.

b. Logistics Processes

  • Procurement, sales, maintenance and production logistics processes.

c. Financials Processes

  • Processes of general accounting, clients, suppliers, treasury and fixed assets in the financial perspective.

d. Human Resources: SuccessFactors

  • SAP’s new solution for complete employee lifecycle management since joining and leaving the organization.

a. ABAP Programming in Functional Perspective

  • Essential ABAP knowledge to a functional SAP consultant.

b. Business Intelligence

  • The tools that transform data into information enabling organizations to make better decisions.

c. Fiori

  • The new responsive frontend of SAP in HTML5 that revolutionized training with the form of interaction with the SAP system.

The final project aims to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the training, where the candidates prepare an individual project. The goal is to find a current societal problem and recommend an SAP solution can solve this issue.


Virtual ClassRoom

Cozy space
October 19 – December 9
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
18h30 – 22h30
Taught in Portuguese
1290€ + VAT
Abaco Academy - Luciana Luan
Luciana Luan
32 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

I really enjoyed the course, the opportunity came to meet what I expected, which was to have an overview of SAP and how is the consulting work. It encouraged me even more to enter the area and deepen my knowledge. In addition, the trainers know very well about the subject and strive to give us the maximum knowledge.

Abaco Academy - Liliana Correia
Liliana Correia
36 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

Abaco Academy’s SAP Career Start Advisor training proved to be quite profitable and comprehensive. It allowed me to develop skills in SAP, to know the functionalities of the ERP in the different modules and their potential of exploration in the development of the business. It also allows you to have insight into the evolution of ERP and what the future holds for you, taking into consideration the path that SAP has been developing to make your solutions more attractive and intuitive to the user. Being a very practical training, with highly trained trainers in the field, is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to acquire skills or expand their knowledge in SAP.

Cátia Ribeiro - Testemunho
Cátia Ribeiro
33 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

Throughout the training we had the opportunity to go through all SAP modules with a technical approach and then with practical exercises in the system itself, thus facilitating learning. It was an enriching experience both personally and professionally that I would highly recommend! The Abaco Academy SAP Consultant Career Start program proves to be a plus in my curriculum. He challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, allowing me to know new concepts and business processes, opening a door of greater confidence, enabling a more solid base of knowledge and experience to begin my journey within the SAP area.

João Oliveira - Testemunho
João Oliveira
29 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

The SAP Consultant Career Start at Abaco Academy has proven to be the right choice and launch pad for my desired career change and entry into the SAP world. This course, integrating a holistic and transversal view of all SAP modules with the techniques / good practices of consulting, has given me the robustness and security necessary to embrace the most demanding challenges of the market. More than knowledge and networking, this choice has opened me real doors in a market with an exponential growth and demand in the current national and world technological context.

Ricardo Fernandes - Testemunho
Ricardo Fernandes
25 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

What made me choose the SAP Consultant Career Start from Abaco Academy was the fact that there was a great demand in the job market for people who have knowledge in SAP. It was a spectacular experience! The people behind the Abaco Academy who were incredible and were always willing to help us and advise us. In terms of technical content, I got an overview of how SAP was divided and its various areas. This allowed me to realize in what area I would like to work more and to deepen my knowledge.

Hernani Justo - Testemunho
Hernani Justo
24 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

I hereby present my thanks for the support and opportunity that the Abaco Academy granted me, to be part of that spectacular group. The time I spent in the company of excellent people contributed immensely to my personal and professional growth, thanks to the fellowship of all. I wish you all a lot of health and success! Thank you so much for everything!

Abaco Academy - Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva
24 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

An opportunity to start a career in the most promising markets today. An intensive training that addresses the technical and practical knowledge about the improved software is managing the world as all the different areas inherent to SAP, which are part of the training program. With a holistic view of SAP and with consolidated expertise from experienced trainers in the field, the opportunities in the world are virtually endless. Strongly embrace a program to become part of the SAP world to join the Abaco Academy.

Abaco Academy - Marina Teixeira
Marina Teixeira
28 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

The 3rd edition of SAP Consultant Career Start was undoubtedly a very enriching experience, not only for the programmatic content, but also for the sharing of experiences exchanged throughout the training. I believe that all the knowledge I have acquired form a set of differentiating factors that will help me to reformulate my professional career. The Abaco Academy is an academy of excellence that I recommend with a lot of spirit of mutual help and professionalism.

Abaco Academy - Luís Pereira
Luís Pereira
25 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

The Abaco Academy SAP Consultant Career Training is undoubtedly a great opportunity for anyone looking to acquire skills in SAP ERP and pursue a career in this rapidly expanding market. In addition to the entire technical component of the various ERP modules, the training includes a few hours dedicated to the development of our SOFT SKILLS, which are essential not only to work as a consultant but also to our day-to-day activities. Thank you very much to all the team that was tireless in helping us make the most of this course.

Abaco Academy - Carlos Leal
Carlos Leal
25 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

Joining Abaco Academy has made me develop skills at the SAP level, becoming aware of everything that involves ERP and how it operates. Through training, you can get a comprehensive overview of SAP as well as the soft skills needed by a consultant in a short period of time. In this way, I just have to thank all the trainers for the work and effort to provide us with the best training possible.

Abaco Academy - Guilherme Amador
Guilherme Amador
25 years old/ Graphicsleader Packaging
SAP Consultant Career Start

First I want to congratulate Abaco for the training, was a period of great learning, of much knowledge absorbed and developed. My avaliation of the training is really good, and for my part I personally will recommend it to people I know who share an interest in learning about SAP.

Abaco Academy - Joana Pinheiro
Joana Pinheiro
25 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

My name is Joana Pinheiro and I’m 25 years old. I did not feel professionally fulfilled and decided to look for new challenges that would help me redirect my career path and bring me a new learning. It was in this search that I discovered the SAP World and the Abaco Academy. After some time of research and pondering, I decided to take the risk.
The course has exceeded initial expectations and has become an important link between my core academic background – which integrates the consulting and training component – and the IT area. After completing the course, I feel it was an enriching experience and, above all, a great incentive to look for new professional opportunities.

Abaco Academy - Filipa Oliveira
Filipa Oliveira
30 years old
SAP Consultant Career Start

Are you planning to take the SAP Consultant Career Start course? If you plan to pursue a career in SAP consulting, the course is a plus for the curriculum.
It is very well structured and covers all areas of SAP, allowing you to understand which one is most interesting and which we want to specialize. Both the trainers and the coordinators of the course are super professionals, always available to help and advise us. I want to congratulate Abaco Academy for providing us with the starting point for a career in the SAP world.


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